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1 Think BIM, for a neighbourhood, area or city scale.

Integral tool for an integrated development process

Urban development is often biased towards either speed, costs or quality, seldom reaching an optimum.

ModCity supports your projects with a set of integral 3D-tools that directly link your design or urban massing study to financial and other calculation models. Without having to manually transfer data to spreadsheets!

This makes fast design cycles possible, whilst keeping a grip on finance, quality and process. It also can help fulfill the promise of inclusive and sustainable development.

Our 3-Step workflow

1. Setting the stage

Unveil data that matters to discover problems that matter

Each intervention in the urban environment should be based on a thorough analysis of the present situation.

We integrate GIS- and other datasets from different but interdependent disciplines of area development such as cadastral data, land-use, mobility, environmental issues, water and urban density and present them in a single interface, which serves as an underlayer for 2D- and 3D studies.

GIS and CAD Import / Export

Calculate financial and spatial constraints

Develop database for the existing context

2. Developing scenarios

A common digital playground for

urban designers
Your organisation?

Combine the 3D modelling and visualisation potential of Sketchup with the data prowess of the Urban Toolbox. This robust pipeline requires no training and can be implemented across building teams.

Fast design cycles are made possible, so the solution space can be explored more broadly.

Parametric modelling

Live sync with Excel spreadsheets

Compare multiple scenarios on the click of a button

3. Optimising the design

Never second guess your designs again..​

With Real-time monitoring and evaluation, you can test multiple more detailed design scenarios in terms of their design, legal compliances, financial viability and much more.

Link your own database or parameters to the Toolbox, or use the extensive database with defaults that is included. The calculation models used are of high quality and suitable for decision-making. All the financial models for instance are DCF-based.

Real-time financial models

Generate reports with chosen KPIs

Customise the model

Play Video

As a municipality, your role in the urban planning process can vary from merely facilitating developments to active participation. In both cases the task is complex, since each development must comply to local and national policies.


Analyse and select suitable locations for new developments and transformations


Speed up the internal planning processes


Assess development plans from project developers


Land development cash flow model


Assess land value with residual land value- and other valuation methods

Your main focus is not seldom on financing and yield, whilst not compromising on compliance and topics such as inclusion and sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility is here to stay in that respect.


Control cash-flows, capital requirements and yield during each phase in the development process


Quickly investigate different design concepts


Use your own Excel-models, linked to our calculation models


Support discussion with municipalities regarding land value and other issues

As a designer the challenge is to find a design solution in which spatial quality, functionality and performance (financial, mobility, sustainability,..) are in balance. Modcity brings all the essential tools you need to easily test multiple urban massing options to your SketchUp environment.


Fast and intuitive parametric modelling tools


Enabling fast design generation and design iterations


Direct feedback on urban density, land use, real estate program, parking, traffic generations and more

Not just another head scratching program..

Continue to do what you do best, and let Modcity become the Chief Information Officer without affecting your existing project structures. Our product helps us offer services that will enhance and support the decision-making process.

Just like our technology, the service is agile at best. It can be customised as per your goals and priorities.


Creation and/or assessment of 2D-studies and 3D-massing studies

Inventory, analysis and management of relevant spatial- and financial data during the planning process

DCF-models and dashboarding for land development, real estate development & management, rent, land lease and management of public space

Calculation models for land use, real estate program & diversity, parking, traffic generation, water use & -management, energy and material use

General financial consultancy for Urban Development projects

Valuation of land- & real estate development projects

Selection and comparison of potential locations for new developments and/or transformation

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